If you move your body over an imaginary line, from one “jurisdiction” to another, you can magically transform your social contract. Unsurprisingly, the act of moving your body does not change anything about you. It changes only what you have to conform to. Nonetheless it is very common to take pride in one’s “social contract”. Many of us Swedes take pride in our coercively funded welfare apparatus — happily confusing it with charity and caring.

Conforming to heavy taxation in order to fund a welfare colossus (which I myself do) — does not endow moral superiority over a person from a country with lower taxes, such as for example Malta. If all that is required to be morally upstanding is to happen to live in a place with mandatory “charity”, then all that is required to become more moral is to move from Malta to Sweden, and conform.

Your ability to comply with the social contract is nothing other than a measurement of how well you live up to the will of the rulers in the arbitrary region where you happen to find yourself. It gauges how much you believe that the State “is us”. It exposes your willingness to grovel.

To call upon the social contract as motive for your views, choices and actions is quite literally to lack character. You’re indistinguishable. If where you were born is all that you are, then I cannot see you. If all that you are, are the rules you conform to, you are invisible. You blend in perfectly. You may flicker into view from time to time, when your rulers change the color of the back-drop and you have yet to find your bearing.

But in the wink of an eye, there you aren’t again.