The world willingly offers up all manner of danger, but it is futile to give in to indiscriminate fear, or to spur fear in others. Loud and public expressions of horror and doomsaying are often channels for acting out loneliness, prejudice and bitterness in the guise of shrewdness, righteousness and valour.

I must admit that I am myself guilty of this enterprise, I feel deep concern over the horrors of socialism, over the rampaging of power in the world, over my mortgage in an apparent housing bubble, over my children’s future in a world with increasingly totalitarian humours. But I have realised that fear itself is pointless and counter-productive. My fearful ramblings act as a deterrent for those who dream of the good democratic society. Hence, I cannot reach through to the ones I love and want to save from an unwanted future.

Sweden is already full of fear, my alarmism is subjected to harsh competition. All you have to do is pick your favourite fear and start worrying. Fossil fuels will make the planet uninhabitable! Mass-migration will demolish our welfare state and set off a deluge of rape! Rice-cakes are full of arsenic! Housing is going to pop! The Russians are coming!

But how can we determine whether society is truly regressing? How were things, really, when they were as they were supposed to be?

Fear of future horrors defines the mood in a world where everyone is healthier and materially more comfortable than ever before. Why?

I admit that I carry fear myself. But I am unable to discern whether my fears are based on rational considerations, or whether my considerations are nourished by fear. Lately I have started thinking, that perhaps fear itself may be the enemy.

What coercion do I subject myself to when I willingly fetter myself at the wailing wall of fear? Is there somewhere a fountainhead from which I can garner power to resist getting sucked into hopelessness? And, is anyone holding me by the hand, leading me on the path towards fear? Who are these super-egos who actually gain from my far? Is it possible to face them, with heart and cunning?

Does someone gain from my fear of X? Who is it that fans that fear? There is every possibility that I am subjected to slanted messages, aimed at producing a favourable response in me. Most preferably a reaction of hopelessness; that problem X is to big for me, that I would do best to leave it in the hands of experts. Perhaps best to hope for a vigorous and charming leader to define the problem for me, that I can leave room for him to act.

Fear is a wonderful business model, it is an appetite that consumes in of itself — an addiction that turns you into a quarry for those that would gain from your fear. In economic terms, you create demand for trouble. You become a willing accomplice to your own demise.

But the world is fundamentally positive, it is always the most that it can be. But for those who only value what is seen and heard the world will always be found wanting, there will always be some thing missing. When fear rampages the mind it is impossible to find this some thing. And it is not a particular life circumstance that is lacking, nor any mundane item. We are so preoccupied with the contours of life, its abundance, its cultures, opinions, diversity and dangers — that we become incapable of perceiving the absence of physical manifestation — the lack of things — that constitutes the canvas upon which these contours become possible to discern in the first place.

This canvas is freedom itself — and if we fear it we are doomed to fear forever.

The world will never adapt to the expectations of your ego. Your ego’s primary motive is to be discontent, desperate and horrified, to be in conflict with its surroundings, to subdue, to be right, to clinch reality in an endless wrestle, regardless of whether reality is out to get you or not.

I do not want to diminish the real dangers that actually do exist, nor the suffering that some people really experience. I definitely do not think that one should engage in meta-physical musings on freedom when real evil and true danger knocks on your door. There is indeed time for action! But the actions you choose, and the timing of your actions will differ depending on whether you are grounded in an acceptance of reality, rather than yearning for conflict and fear. Positive power comes from stillness and principled certainty, not hesitation and trepidation.

The human condition will never fundamentally change. The counter-parts of good an evil will never vanquish each other, they define each other and demand each other’s existence. Goodness is not desirable other than as a side effect of you living in accordance with your values while you let others live according to theirs, so long as they do not aggress towards you.

Neither dystopia nor utopia will ever be achieved. In those times and places where freedom and tolerance have been living values people have indeed been better off than when coercion and conflict has been allowed to wreak havoc. Ironically; historical evildoers have never seen themselves as evildoers, quite the opposite. Religions persecutions have always been enacted by individuals who have considered themselves agents of something good. The supreme machine of death and torture that is communism is built on good intentions. The world-shaking militarism of present day America is borne aloft by the purpose of democratic goodness. In each and every single case, fear is the catalyst that animates these delusions. Only people who live in fear will be blinded on this scale.

Goodness is that fleeting and delicate thing which will not allow itself to be channeled through coercive measures. Forcible actions to make people act and think in good ways will invariable become transformed into its opposite. Goodness can only spring from the actions that unassailably free people choose to undertake. Therefore I would say that the struggle is not between good and evil. It is between freedom and fear.

I cannot prove that there will be no climate apocalypse. I cannot prove that the Russians will not come, or that the rice-cakes that you gave your child last week will not give them cancer. But even if I succeeded, would you be calmed? Would you not just let a new fear take up residence in your mind?

The only thing I can point at are the lurid brush strokes that totalitarianism has drawn over the canvas of freedom, wherein people have found it good to force each other to goodness, wherein the extermination of evil people and evil ideas becomes the definition of goodness, where ideas become dangerous and only one truth may exist. Wherein fear leaves man helpless in the face of those who want to capitalise on him.

I would therefore ask you not to be afraid, not even of fear itself, and to immediately discriminate against those who paint the future as a macabre scenario of horrors unless you do what they tell you to do.

Never forget, that those in power carry with them the heaviest burden of fear of all. The dread that they should be ignored by free, vigorous and happy people who no longer need them.

Their egos would be utterly crushed.