Political players have in all times found themselves dragged along the paths that lead to more power for the political system as a whole. A freshly minted politician may be surprised at the degree to which ruling requires that he must soil himself and compromise any eventual convictions to be able to get things done. That feeling however, quickly subsides, if ever it existed. A life of service to the political system is a life of fear. In face of the immediate demands posed on those who try to expand or defend political gains; the political ego will never submit to morality, principles or deep thought.

The humbug of public relations, the promises to the masses, the opportunism, the personal vendettas and the corporate cronyism are but daily bread to the harpys of politics. The real meat is found in the market of fear. The pitting of one man onto the throat of another. The muslim, the bourgeoise, the socialists, the drug addicts, the homosexuals, the immigrants, the people with or without penises will be made out to be separate from one another. Any vaguely distinguishing trait will be labeled and packaged so as to create imaginary lines between collectives. These collectives will inevitably view themselves as having morally defensible rights and grievances as opposed to the reprehensible greed and selfishness displayed by the other collectives.

All that remains is to let the struggle flow, back and forth, in synchronisation with whatever the zeitgeist may allow. Votes may end up in either ballot, legislation may favour either position, the current ideologie du jour may provide for either this or that vested interest. The details of this process do not matter, the main thing is that is ongoing. There can be no pause, no reflection, no love for ones opponent, for that would be the end of the system as a whole. It must grind on, ever perpetuating the views that people of certain superficial qualities are fundamentally different. From you.

At the core of the apparatus of power things seem as they should. Certainly you will find politicians of deep pathos and ideological conviction who find reason as such; that their struggle has been the right one, that their ends justify their compromises. But in their midst you shall also find, without any doubt; a flourishing of opportunistic snakes who care only for their own grandeur and power, and for whom principles are as exchangeable as clothes. One cannot say that either pathology does more harm than another. As individual people they are not a problem, as willing participants in the game, they are.

To play the game of politics one benefits from a certain fingerspitzengefühl when it comes to interpreting the atmospheric conditions of populism. Without a certain ability to navigate the corridors of allowable opinion, you are dead in the water. Ultimately all players use the same tools: more artificial conflict on which one can extrapolate bigger promises, more laws, more subsidies, more export friendly legislation, more money printing, bigger government loans, and bigger grants for authorities. If you should happen to be a subject to a certain nation state with a large military you will have noticed, unless you are in a coma that is, that your glorious leaders insist that you are in perpetual danger unless you grant them permission to bomb, starve and torture nameless brown people abroad.

An ever increasing number of people will find niches within the growing government apparatus in which to fester and nourish themselves. These people are the very texture and manifestation of bureaucracy and government itself. They are not evil people, they are children of God who have been led astray and are now unwitting subjects to a system to which they have never even considered an alternative. Some of them believe that they are part of something grand, their calling may be to serve the common man, and they do so using the only tools they know of.

The structure that I describe lives first and foremost in the hallucinations of its participants and is almost impossible to tear down. Certainly no politician will attempt it. Quite the contrary: it is the politician’s lot in the game to provide the apologetic reasoning that allows for this structure to exist in the first place, and when one politician steps out, the next one inevitably inherits a bigger apparatus.

Whoever envisions himself as being in power does not matter one bit. If one would ascribe human attributes to power, one would say it has an enormous ego. It wants to be strived for, and in all else it wants obedience. It is the strife for power which is the very sustenance of power itself. And so it grows, as long as we strive.

We have been taught that nothing in particular is as holy as the holiness of the system under which we must serve. The benefits are rehashed all through school; for all its short comings the democratic system allows you to choose an ideology for which you can strive for a struggle, it allows you to vote a vote, it allows you to decide over your body, family and property together with millions of others. It allows you to hold nearly any opinion regarding the specific actions power should undertake. As long as you scream, shout, bribe or supplicate below the altar of power so as to get it to do as you wish, you are in the fold. It is only when you question the very essence of power itself that you may become an agent of dissent.

Looking back in history it is easy to see all the garish awfulness that prominent politicians and institutions of coercive power have achieved. And yet in those instances the public consensus is often chimes along familiar lines of “if only the right person had ruled instead of the wrong one,” or “if only people had voted correctly.”

This is the reason why libertarianism is radical. Not merely in the sense that it is unconventional, rather because it addresses the root of our societies maladies: the existence of coercive power cannot be tolerated.

The voice of anarchy and freedom is gaining in volume. It speaks to us as such “If only nobody had rule, if only people were left to associate with others as they will. To work and pray and love in any manner and constellation that they can think of. If only those who attempted to gain their way using force would be immediately corrected or otherwise suffer dire consequences?”

What say you? Are you ready to be such a radical?